Tips to travel Thailand

Typical Costs

Thailand is considered to be one of the cheapest destinations to travel, especially in the rural areas and places that far away from the big cities. The price is cheaper in the Northern Thailand where there are not too many attractions to see, and much more expensive in the capital Bangkok, or large cities such as Chiang Mai, and the islands in the south of the country. Hop on a Thailand Tour, you should have a look at this information below.


You can easily find guesthouses to stay with a price of 300 THB in large cities, 200 THB in the countryside, but in Bangkok, the price rises to 400 THB per night. The dormitory is much cheaper. However, if you want a more luxury experience, enjoy a room in a hotel with the price reaching up from 1350 THB.


Many visitors come here to enjoy a wonderful food tour due to its cheap price and tasty cuisine. A full-stomach meal with street food costs from 40 THB. However, if you are mesmerizing at Thai cuisine, you can spend 120-170 THB per day to soak in the vendors. Western dishes such as pizza, pasta, steak, burger, etc. are more expensive with the price from 170 to 340 THB depending on the service level of restaurant. Try local food to save your money!


Is it ridiculous if keeps saying that the transportation in Thailand is also cheap? Enjoy local buses to decrease the cost. For more local experiences, hop on the Metro or Skytrain in Bangkok. Cost for taxis is more expensive depending on the distance between the two locations. Tuk-tuk is a local vehicle but it does not mean that the price is cheap. It can be the most wonderful and purest experience, but not a good idea for those who don't have a lot of money for traveling. 

Saving Tips

Live like a local

The best way to save money in not only Thailand but also everywhere you go in the world is living as a real local. It means eating local food, drinking local beer, living in a local house, and transferring like local people. Don't worry too much about your safety and service quality. Thai people are so friendly that they will keep you safe in their homestay. Local buses are also a good way to transfer, but you will face crowds in your way.

Eat street food

Street food is really safe, in some cases, they are safer than in restaurants and delicious that you have to sample some before heading back to your country. The feeling of tasting food when strolling along the quaint streets of Thailand along with your family and friends is extremely interesting.

Couch surf

Better than cheap is free! Get familiar with locals will help you take a good place to stay for free. Moreover, keep a good connection with them to gain the best local guide who will let you know where to go, what to eat, and whom to ask.

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