Tips for Wonderful City Tours in Southeast Asia

Set foot on a completely new country can cause a shock if you did not prepare carefully before traveling. Below is some essential tips for visitors that want to introduce. With these tips, we hope that you will have perfect Southeast Asia Tours.

1. Google Map is a brilliant invention

With a dense system of streets and roads which have strange names, sometimes in different languages that you don’t understand, the map is an indispensable item. It is a little difficult to find a map of your home country preparing for your upcoming trip. So, they created the app Google Map which can adapt to every demand. All you need is a smartphone, then download the app Google Map on Appstore with IOS or Google Play with Android. The app will be the best local guide you have to explore every corner of that country.

2. Book ticket online

If you want to do any activity or visit some sites requiring entrance fees, you should book the ticket in advance, and book online in case they provide. This action makes you avoid lining up after a long line of people waiting to buy the ticket which is commonly seen in Southeast Asia countries. Moreover, many decoys sell the fake ticket which looks like exactly the real one but with unreal Seri code. Therefore, buying the ticket online is a smart choice.

3. Think about indoor activities before traveling

Southeast Asia is covered by a tropical climate that has heavy rainfalls in the summertime. It can suddenly rain right after the last few minutes the weather was still nice. Your trip can become boring if it rains all the time and you do not have the backup plan. You should think about some indoor activities in this case such as indoor games or visiting indoor places.

4. Avoid rush hour

Wherever you are planning to come to Southeast Asia, the traffic is exactly a chaos! For example, in Cambodia Tours, you can easily catch the sight of a 10-year-old boy riding a bike with the speed over 60 km/h, crossing through all red lights, and sometimes driving with only one hand. Traffic jam with a high rate of accidents always happens in these countries in the rush hour. Go outside your hotel at this time is not a good idea, you can waste both time and money on taxi fees.

5. Visit peaceful places

Escaping from the polluted air in the hustling big cities to visit a peaceful place in rural areas or unpopular places can bring wonderful experiences. You should try trekking through the tropical jungle, enjoying a picnic in grassland, taking a visit to botanic gardens, exploring national parks, and so on.

6. Make friend with locals

The information on the internet is never better than the knowledge of locals. They know where to go, what to eat, and how to get there. They will be the best guides you can have, and most of the time, they will help you for free. Why don’t you make friend with locals for the untold tips?

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