Tips for Wonderful City Tours in Southeast Asia

Set foot on a completely new country can cause a shock if you did not prepare carefully before traveling. Below is some essential tips for visitors that want to introduce. With these tips, we hope that you will have perfect Southeast Asia Tours.

With a dense system of streets and roads which have strange names, sometimes in different languages that you don’t understand, the map is an indispensable item. It is a little difficult to find a map of your home country preparing for your upcoming trip....

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Tips to travel Thailand

Thailand is considered to be one of the cheapest destinations to travel, especially in the rural areas and places that far away from the big cities. The price is cheaper in the Northern Thailand where there are not too many attractions to see, and much more expensive in the capital Bangkok, or large cities such as Chiang Mai, and the islands in the south of the country. Hop on a Thailand Tour, you should have a look at this information below.

You can easily find guesthouses to stay with a price of 300 THB in large cities, 200 THB in the countryside, but in Bangkok, the price rises to 400 THB per night. The dormitory is much cheaper. However, if you want a more luxury experience, enjoy a room in a hotel with the price reaching up from 1350 THB....

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